26 Oct
Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Social Media

If you are a professional, people are looking at your social media profile to see if you'd be a good fit for their company. If you are looking for a new job or looking to get promoted, the first place potential employers look is on your social media page. 

If you offer online education or are a service-based business, the person looking to hire you or buy your content wants to trust that you will provide what you say you will. Building that trust is critical to taking the customer onto the next step in the journey. A professional photo for you is absolutely necessary to present yourself as a credible business person.

Your life is an open book. Do you want your new employer to see you in your pajamas with a beer in your hand? Probably not. Before the internet, we didn’t worry too much about what we did in the privacy of our own homes but today things are very different. There really is no privacy. Even if you don’t have embarrassing pictures on your own page, your friend may have compromising photos of you.

The best thing to do is fill your pages with professional photos of you with your family, doing fun activities or walking your dog.

The images you show of yourself are critical to your audience’s perception of you. You can consider this your own brand. If you have or are growing an online presence and connect with followers on social media daily you need professional photos of yourself. You may even consider photos of yourself in your space or doing your special activity.

Analytics show that people engage with photos with you in them more than anything else you post. People want to engage with you, not your kids or the fish you caught last summer. Make sure you have professional photos that are up to date.

It’s not about taking a couple of pretty photos. It’s about strategic photos that are beautiful and connect with your ideal client. You should be posting new photos of yourself every month. Keep it fresh.

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