05 Oct
Why you need an agency to represent you.

The internet has made it easier to get jobs on your own but it has also made it more dangerous. On the internet you really don’t know if what you are walking into is safe or not.

A modeling agency will protect you. We have established relationships with clients. We know who the people are that you’ll be meeting because we’ve worked with them many times. We know that your safety is being addressed at all times. If you still have a concern, we will go to the client with you.

 Before you go on any job, you need to know that the client has been vetted thoroughly by the agency.
If you take a job over the internet with someone you don’t know and have never met, make sure to take someone with you even if you are a man. You never know what you are walking into. We really do not recommend doing this. When you work with us, you will never have to take that risk.

When you work with an agency, you are getting top dollar for your work. If a client wants to hire you to do a print ad, what would you charge? Most people have no idea what to charge. You could be selling yourself short and missing out on thousands of dollars. We will make sure that your images are being used appropriately and consider your career goals.

Some shady clients will hire inexperienced models online because they know they can take advantage of them. Often they will not pay you what the job is worth and sometimes they will not pay you at all. If you don’t know who they are, you have no option to collect the money they owe you. Also, you will not have control over where those images are used. Don’t let your images wind up all over the internet without getting paid.

Most reputable clients use modeling agencies exclusively to find models. Sometimes a client will want a model that is unavailable and you could get the booking as an alternative. Just being in the agency gets you closer to clients, other agencies, vendors, and models.

Models can be represented in different markets. You probably could not afford to travel overseas for a modeling job before you got paid for it. If you are with an agency, the agency will pay for your travel and accommodations so you can work in other countries.

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